DLZ-420/520 Computer automatic continuous stretch thermoforming vacuum packaging machine

Short Description:

This is an automated packaging equipment that includes stretch thermoforming, vacuum (air inflation), heat sealing, coding, cutting, collecting and conveying.

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Technical Parameters:

Model Upper film width Under film width Vacuum degree Compressed air power supply power Total Weight Dimensions
DLZ-420 397mm 424mm ≤200pa ≥0.6MPa 380V50HZ 14KW 1800kg 6600×1100×1960mm
DLZ-520 497mm 524mm ≤200pa ≥0.6MPa 380V50HZ 16KW 2100kg 7600×1200×1960mm

Product Detail:

1.Drive system
2.Under film pre-tensioning positioning device
3.Lifting system
4.Cross cutter device
5.Servo coding system
6.Upper Film forming device
7.Waste recycling
8.Electrical cabinet assembly drawing



The equipment is mainly suitable for:steak,grilled sausage,ham sausage,crispy sausage,pickled chicken feet,quail eggs,dried tofu,fish products,beef products,lamb products,soild sauce,dried fruits,cheese,electronic components,metal products and other products that require vacuum packaging.

304 Stainless steel frame structure

1. The structure has high strength and corrosion resistance. The screw holes in each fixed position are processed by high-precision laser at one time to ensure the accuracy of assembly and make the whole machine run smoothly.
2. More expandability, when the packaging form needs to be upgraded, relevant parts can be added at any time according to the packaging requirements.

Four-axis linkage lifting device

1. The lifting device is made of 6061 aviation aluminum alloy, which increases the stability and strength of the components. The sliding parts adopt imported high wear-resistant linear bearings, which are accurate in positioning and stable in operation. The lifting height can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the thickness of the product packaging. Without changing the running speed, the lifting distance is shortened to improve the packaging speed of the entire machine.
2. The parts are inlaid with graphite copper sleeves to increase lubrication, reduce abrasion and extend the service life. In addition, the graphite copper sleeve is extremely pressure-resistant, which ensures the sealing of the molding chamber and the vacuum chamber.

Electronic magnetic pre-tightening device

1. Using electromagnetic brake, the brake is stable and the force is even, avoiding the phenomenon of wrinkling and curling of the packaged products.
2. The digital display shows that the tightening force is adjustable. The key can be adjusted conveniently and intuitively according to the thickness, flexibility and softness of the packaging film to achieve the best packaging effect.

Electrical System

1. The intelligent control system adopts the German Siemens brand uniformly, and the control points are responsive and cooperative. The temperature, time, and vacuum pressure of each part are displayed on the computer screen, and it has its own fault detection function.
2. Adopting German Siemens high inertia servo motor and driver, the chain positioning is accurate and running fast.

Intelligent operating system

1. Touch screen operation, automatic program control, graphic display of the entire running status, automatic detection of the cause of failure, easy to operate and maintain the equipment.
2. The intelligent and humanized operation screen is simpler and clearer. Each parameter can be adjusted appropriately according to different products, and different product process parameters can be stored. One-click calling saves time and effort.

Safety protection system

1. All transmission parts; parts with temperature; cutting and moving parts are equipped with protection devices, and magnetic contact switches are installed. Once the protection devices are not in place or the original machine protection devices are not in place, the machine will stop immediately.
2. The equipment itself is equipped with emergency stop switches in different positions, so as to stop the machine in time when an accident occurs.
3. It is forbidden to reach out hands, feet, arms and other parts with a beam switch, once it is sensed, it will stop immediately.

Waste film recycling system
1. The waste recycling has an intelligent detection device, which can automatically adjust the operating speed according to the length of the waste film.
2. The device is noise-free, easy to collect the film, equipped with 150W power, indirect operation, saving power consumption.

Forming and heat sealing mold
All molds can be quickly replaced, and multiple sets of molds can be exchanged on a set of equipment to facilitate the packaging of multiple products.

Multifunctional slitting system
According to different products, it can realize round corner slitting, easy tearing, hanging holes, serrated slitting, overall punching and other applications, and the speed of cutter replacement is quick and easy.

Detailed configuration:

1.German Siemens Computer Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) control, large capacity input and output.
2. German Siemens 10-inch color human-machine interface touch screen.
3. 1.5KW German Siemens servo control system, high-speed and high-precision step-by-step speed.
4. TYC clamping chain
5. Imported electrical appliances (American Bonner color sensor, Schneider contactor & relay, button switch, power protector, Yangming solid state relay, Japanese Omron proximity switch, etc.).
6. The pneumatic part adopts Yadeke Valve Terminal pneumatic system.
7. The pollution-free large vacuum pump for environmental-friendly high vacuum thermoforming packaging machine (Rietschle/Busch, optional to client’s requirement) imported from Germany with original package, with the maximum vacuum degree of 0.1 millibar.
8. Imported photoelectric tracking system and color film can be used to ensure that the pattern position is correct.
9. The whole machine adopts 304 stainless steel frame, which has high strength, strong corrosion resistance and is not easy to deform.
10. The upper and lower membranes adopt a new type of propelling membrane system.
11. Shaping, sealing and lifting adopt pneumatic lever independent lifting and self-locking system.
12. Precision positioning in front, back, left and right directions.
13. Transverse cutter works independently with single cutter and central computer control.
14. Equipped with corner waste recycling system.
15. The lifting sliding bearing adopts lubricating-free graphite copper sleeve.
16. All parts of forming, sealing, horizontal knife and longitudinal knife are equipped with safety protection system and protective cover.
17. The equipment is equipped with alarming or protection systems such as power phase loss or inversion, excessive or low voltage, mechanical periodic lubrication, etc., which are convenient for operators to use and adjust. Automatic stop protection when there is a failure and display the info of the error and corresponding treatment of the failure on the computer.



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