Fluized IQF Quick Freezer

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The fluidized quick-freezing equipment is a new technology that our company has continuously learned from the most advanced technology at home and abroad on the basis of many years of production, combined with high-end advanced fluidized freezing technology at home and abroad, and has been continuously developed, updated, upgraded, and integrated by the company. , The new concept of quick freezing equipment.

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Fluized IQF Quick Freezersingle

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This quick-freezing device series is a necessary equipment for realizing the fluidized monomer freezing of fruits and vegetables, fresh foods and some seafood. The product will not be deformed or broken to a large extent during the freezing process. The operation of the mesh belt is infinitely variable, and the speed range is wide. The user can change the running speed of the mesh belt according to the different materials, thereby changing the freezing time. When the frozen product moves on the stainless-steel conveyor belt, the frozen crystal layer starts to move with the increase of the airflow speed. When the wind pressure reaches a certain value, the food no longer remains stationary, and the food is blown vertically upward at a high speed, and part of it is suspended. Upward, causing the bed to expand and the porosity to increase, that is, a fluidized bed is formed; the suspended particles are surrounded by low temperature and air temperature, and the frozen product is rapidly frozen to form monomers. At the same time, a mechanical impulse vibration device is designed under the mesh belt, and the food particles are separated by vibration while the surface of the food particles are frozen, effectively avoiding mutual adhesion. The frozen product is quickly passed through three stages of cooling, surface freezing, and deep freezing to form the highest quality frozen product.

The pre-cooled fruits and vegetables are evenly distributed on the stainless-steel mesh belt of the quick-freezer through the vibrating distributor. When the fruits and vegetables enter the quick-freezer, under the action of the strong wind blowing from the bottom up, the food layer begins to loosen, and the food particles no longer remain stationary. Part of the particles are suspended upwards, causing the food layer to expand, and the green gaps increase. At the same time, the food particles jump up and down to form a fluidized bed (that is, suspended). In the suspension state, the frozen product is uniformly stressed at the same time, so that the frozen product can quickly complete the three stages of freezing, surface freezing and deep freezing in a short time, so as to obtain high-quality individual frozen products.

Product Features:

1. Rapid preservation: It is a new type of rapid freezing device with energy-saving food preservation.
2. Frozen products do not agglomerate: fully meet the I.Q.F. standard advantages.
3. Excellent quality of frozen products: strong air convection is adopted, and the freezing speed is fast, thus ensuring the quality of frozen products.
4. Heat transfer efficiency: using large sets of all-aluminum evaporators, high heat transfer coefficient; and equipped with specially developed special fans for low-temperature cold storage, high wind pressure, moderate and reasonable airflow.
5. High degree of hygiene: very convenient for cleaning and maintenance.
6. Low energy consumption and low noise: The heat transfer effect of the special fan for energy-saving cold storage and the all-aluminum evaporator is adopted, which saves energy.
7. Less frosting times: the use of a complete set of films, variable film spacing, low frosting rate, 12 hours of continuous work without frosting becomes possible.
8. A wide range of frozen products: all fruits and vegetables of different shapes can be frozen, and can be equipped with trolley pan-shaped foods to achieve a multi-purpose IQF quick-freezer
9. High freezing efficiency and many types of frozen products
10. Realize the overall quick freezing of food
11. Adopt high-pressure fan technology, evaporator edge sheet distance meter, low energy consumption
12. The mesh belt adopts frequency conversion adjustment and time indicator to realize precise processing
13. Use continuous cleaning. Drying device, clean and hygienic
14. Realize fast freezing at -32°c temperature
15. The frosting interval is long to ensure the continuity of production






Length of feed opening

Library body length Length of discharge port

Mesh belt width

Cold consumption

Installed power

Fluidized IQF Quick Freezer

SLD-300 5900




4000 700




SLD-500 7200




5000 700




SLD-1000 9700




7500 700




SLD-1500 13200




11000 700




SLD-2000 16200




14000 700





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